Jesus Green, Saturday 9 July 2022

We made Cambridge City truly proud with the first ever Cambridge Pride event in 2019! Thank you to everyone who took part and made it amazing. Three years later, we’re back – and even bigger and better!

Cambridge Pride 2022, sponsored by ARU, is returning to Jesus Green on Saturday 9 July and will be bringing your favourite drag queens, comedians, bands, community workshops and dancing to this massive, free-to-attend day of celebration. 

Kicking off at 12 noon, there will be a main stage, youth and family tent, community hive, dance area, community café and much more. The Commonwealth Games baton will also be traveling through Cambridge Pride this year as the baton team takes laps of the Green. 

There will be a vibrant community parade which anyone can take part in. Bring your brightest outfits and join the crowds to circle Jesus Green at around 3pm. Volunteers will work with local artists in community-run sessions leading up to the event to create costumes that are pieces of art. 

Paul Hyde-Clarke, Chair of the Pink Festival, the charity which delivers Cambridge Pride, said: “The team is so excited to return for the city’s second ever Pride this year. Pride is a statement and a movement that needs to be ongoing. Although we could say society has improved since I came out in the 1990s, but being open about your gender or sexuality can still come with challenges and a lasting effect even today. People are at risk just for being themselves, and just shouldn’t be. Pride is a brilliant way of giving everyone the confidence to celebrate and be proud of the fact that we are all different and valid. 

“It’s so important to celebrate our communities in a way that is safe. In 2020 that simply wasn’t possible to do. This year we’re taking every step we can to ensure our communities are safe to attend and celebrate together.” 

Professor Roderick Watkins, Vice Chancellor of ARU, said: “At ARU we are committed to celebrating our diversity and promoting equality and inclusion. We are delighted to be supporting Cambridge Pride this year and look forward to being part of the celebrations, which promise to be particularly special this year as we mark 50 years since the UK’s first Pride march.”

Cambridge Pride is free and open to everyone who would like to come and celebrate. Would you like to help out with Pride? The team of volunteers is working hard to deliver a Pride you can be proud of. There has been a very generous response from sponsors, fundraisers, volunteers and other supporters this year. But it’s not too late to help make the event even bigger and better. 

Find out more about the importance Cambridge Pride. Listen to the special Cambridge Pride edition of the Cambridge 105 Radio show ‘Roundabout’, for interviews with organisers Paul Hyde-Clarke, Lara Jaffey, Tam Blaxter and Ian O’Shea (June 2019, 1 hour).

Cambridge Pride 2019. Photo: Jamie Thistlethwaite.

A community celebration

Cambridge Pride is an event focused on community, inclusivity and celebration. Like any pride event, Cambridge Pride aims to break down barriers that face LGBT+ people and celebrate LGBT+ life in Cambridgeshire by bringing the whole local community together for a diverse festival of accessible entertainment.

Our inclusive, creative ethos means that Cambridge Pride is not quite like any other pride event, reflecting the unique culture of Cambridge and providing opportunities to get involved and support the community.


Cambridge Pride wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. Thank you to all who supported our first event in 2019 and for continuing to support our second event in 2022.


Cambridge Pride 2019. Photo: Jamie Thistlethwaite.